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Rapid Deployment Vehicles Play Vital Role In Life Threatening Situations

When law enforcement turns to rapid deployment tactics to diffuse a situation there is obviously no time to waste. In order to get rapid deployment units into a danger zone where innocent lives are on the line, a vehicle built to withstand attack and deliver and rescue its charges no matter how dire the situation is a necessity. The Armored Group is the industry's number one provider of SWAT armored vehicles, armored trucks, prisoner transport vehicles, armored cars, and much more. And when the moment arrives to choose a rapid deployment vehicle that can perform in the most dangerous situations and amidst vital tactical operations, our R.D.V.s offer the industry's highest level of protection.

Rapid deployment is a tactic that law enforcement employs to deploy resources to on-going or life threatening situations. These situations can literally arise anywhere from schools and office buildings to public facilities, government offices, shopping malls, or even entertainment events. When such situations do arise and delayed deployment would put innocent persons in grave danger, putting SWAT officers and other resources in place is a matter of finding a mode of transportation that is up to the task. Increasingly, law enforcement organizations across the board are realizing that no vehicle rises to the occasion like our E-450 SWAT non-armored rapid deployment vehicle.

Our Cab Body non-armored Spartan has been modified for rapid deployment vehicle use, and is a go to vehicle for law enforcement organizations and SWAT teams because of its reputation for optimum performance. This vehicle features a solid bulkhead from floor to ceiling with sliding bulkhead doors, Jump doors (sliding) on both sides of the cargo area with holdbacks, two rear doors with holdbacks, front cab two OEM guard seats, SWAT type bench seating in the rear guard area with under seat storage, OEM windows and bumper, and much more. In short, it’s the most comprehensive rapid deployment vehicle on the market today and one law enforcement organizations can consistently count on in life threatening situations.

When high risk situations are deteriorating and innocent lives are in the balance, law enforcement organizations call on SWAT and special forces members to carry the day. And in carrying out their mission those forces depend upon rapid deployment vehicles that are as elite as the officers themselves are in terms of performance. Discover the rapid deployment vehicle that offers the highest level of performance and protection from a company that sets the standard for SWAT, rapid deployment, and tactical vehicles.

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