The BATT XL is for those departments looking for the ultimate in armored protection and functionality. With the ability to carry 15+ fully geared officers, attain highway speeds up to 75 miles per hour, allow the ability to stand inside the rear officer’s compartment, deploy from multiple positions, and with the optional 4×4 package, the BATT XL becomes the most versatile armored tactical vehicle in the industry. Whether it is used for deploying a team into a hostile situation, rescuing a downed officer, or establishing an armored mobile command center, the BATT XL can provide the solution to your problems. The BATT XL can be armored to defeat .50 caliber rounds and is completely armored on 6 sides to insure the safety of its passengers.

50 Cal protection
  • Ability to stop majority of threats you will encounter
Fully Armored Firewall
  • Added protection against frontal engagements
Unmatched Insulation Package to combat extreme weather conditions
  • Gives you the most comfortable interior temperatures available
Dual Air Conditioning & Heating System front and back
  • Ensures maximum comfort inside BATT
Oversized Rear Deployment Bumper with Integrated Steps
  • Easy to deploy and enter rear of truck; Allows for safe riding by officers
Tall Interior Height
  • Allows officers to stand; helps in reducing fatigue and increases overall comfort; Allows for officer to deploy and enter more quickly; more room for medical teams to administer help; more storage available
Increased Overall Length
  • Allows for 15+ plus officer to be carried into/out of an area; more storage available; more options can be added to increase vehicle’s tactical uses
Front Door Lock Out Ability
  • Front doors can lock out at 90 and 45 degrees to offer extended shielding for officers riding on running boards, offer cover for long gun deployment through Spec Rest System; can enter engagement with doors open for quicker deployment or ability to acquire wounded officer, etc.
Rear Door Lock Out Ability
  • Allows Rear doors to lock out at 90 degrees extending the armor protection on the sill and during deployment and entry; provides protection for officers on rear bumper; offers cover for long gun deployment through Spec Rest system; can enter engagement with doors open for quicker deployment or ability to acquire wounded officer, etc.
Flip Out Running Boards
  • Maximizes weight distribution and reduces fatigue while riding on side running boards when responding in full gear
Long Gun Optic Ready Gun Ports
  • Allows for use of optics from inside protective cover of vehicle; specifically designed to assist in long gun deployment
Blast Mitigating Floor
  • Ensures safety from ground ricochets and/or specific blasts
4×4 Off Road Capabilities (Optional)
  • BATT XL is able to traverse off road obstacles, mud, snow, whether in rural or urban environments
Industry Leading Ergonomic Body Design to maximize room/comfort and deployment ability
  • Engineered to maximize interior room allowing for a more comfortable working environment; increases ability for quick movement and deployment
Enclosed Under Seat Storage in Rear Compartment
  • Large amounts of storage available for vests, helmets, tools, etc.,; Completely enclosed to protect against the elements and damage from deploying officers
Oversized Flush Mounted Sniper Step
  • Out of the way for quick and safe deployment; available to be lifted out of floor when needed; oversized to allow for solid footing for sniper
Red and/or White Interior Lighting
  • Allows for ease of eye acclamation during night operations
Gas or Diesel Engines Available
  • Gas provides 362HP, is quiet, Less Expensive; Diesel has more torque and quicker throttle response
Full in-dash GPS/Navigation system available
  • Ease of use in finding end location, in dash to protect system from damage and getting lost
CBRNE packages to meet your agencies needs (SCBA refill tanks and various CBRNE monitors)
  • Satisfies grant requirements for CBRNE and SCBA; Allows for detection of both radiation and gasses; SCBA allows for refilling of current or new tanks while in theater
Various equipment packages available (Entry ram, breaching kit, shield, ladder, public address system)
  • Comes packaged in truck purchase and placed in custom housings
Engineered to accept the Spec Rest Sniper Shooting Platform on Turret and all Doors
  • Can mount long gun on multiple locations on turret and with our clamp system can use the Spec Rest to mount long guns on all doors thus allowing for a NIJ IV shield on long gun deployment; Spec Rest allows for true sniper required stability on multiple truck mounted locations
Optional Side Deployment Door Available
  • Allows for team deployment out of the side; increases overall tactical uses of vehicle
Available on the GSA Schedule
  • Provides direct purchase ability for our vehicles at lowest pricing without need of bid