RDV Command

Based on our Tested and Recommended RDV Platform, the RDV Command represents a high quality, affordable command vehicle. Designed based on needs expressed to us by numerous law enforcement agencies, the RDV Command encompasses the same deployment attributes as our RDV with the additional benefits of a command center. With budgetary constraints, the need for operational tools to perform multiple tasks is paramount. The RDV Command satisfies this requirement. With our custom fabrication ability, we can build the RDV Command to suite your department’s tactical command vehicle parameters. Whether you require a lockable gun cabinet, operational center with TVs/Computers, electronic surveillance equipment, filing/storage cabinetry, etc., the RDV Command can provide the solution. Add these abilities to a vehicle that can be used as a quick response vehicle for warrants and/or special operations, you have one of the most versatile tools available to your department. As with our RDV vehicle, The Armored Group has focused on furnishing a well equipped RDV Command at an affordable price.

  • Can be used for multiple tasks including stake outs, PSDs, narcotics operations, buy busts, serving warrants, intelligence gathering, etc
  • We have kept the pricing where it makes the RDV an attainable asset, thus increasing ability to purchase
  • Multiple areas of use; Hostage Negotiators, quick response teams, DWI check points, etc.
Designed for deployment, equipment/weapons storage and command operations
  • Fills a need for a tactical team needing a vehicle that performs multiple options in a variety of situations/call-outs
Three Rear Exit Points that includes deployment doors on both sides of vehicle
  • Simplifies tactical approach routes; quick deployment from three positions; won’t get compromised as easily during operations, increased overall tactical advantages
Additional 4’ of interior length over our standard RDV towards front of vehicle, in front of side deployment doors
  • Keeps all the same deployment ability of our RDV but allows for weapons lockers, desk, storage, etc in front of deployment doors
84” Internal Height allows for officer’s to stand easily and have room to ingress and egress quickly
  • Reduces officer fatigue on long call-outs; increases ability to deploy standing and allowing for quicker target acquisition; reduces risk for injury during deployment
Desk/Work Station with Power inverter and plug in strip; Customizable to department’s requirements/needs
  • Allows officers ability to work from a desk with plenty of power to run computers, Televisions, charge phones, shields, flash lights, etc while on a call-out
Gun Locker with 200lbs rated Ammo Storage drawers; Lockable; Customizable to individual department’s weapons
  • Allows team to leave weapons, ammo, and less lethal devices securely in the vehicle for quicker response times, better access to equipment, thus increasing ability to perform
Standard Roof Insulation
  • Helps reduce heat during summer and reduce cold in winter
Full Insulation Packages Available
  • Dramatically helps in preserving a comfortable working environment in extreme temperatures during long call-outs
LED Scene Lights on all sides
  • Ability to shed a lot of light on a crime scene; can be used to blind and or distract potential criminals
Emergency Lighting including Red & Blues on front and back of unit, Siren & PA System; Includes stealth switch
  • Gives ability to use vehicle as emergency response
Dual Air Conditioning & Heating System front and back
  • Ensures maximum comfort inside RDV; Cooler in Hot months and warmer in colder months
Oversized Rear Deployment Bumper with Integrated Steps
  • Easy to deploy and enter rear of truck; Allows for safe riding by officers
Rear Door Lock Out Ability
  • Allows Rear doors to lock out at full open to allow for quick deploy and entry
4×4 Off Road Capabilities (Optional)
  • RDV is able to traverse off road obstacles, mud, snow, whether in rural or urban environments
Industry Leading Ergonomic Body Design to maximize room/comfort and deployment ability
  • Body lowered 10” to decrease chance of injury during operations; Engineered to maximize interior room allowing for a more comfortable working environment; increases ability for quick tactical movement and deployment
Enclosed Under Seat Storage in Rear Compartment
  • Large amounts (20 Total Feet) of storage available for vests, helmets, tools, etc.,; Completely enclosed to protect against the elements and damage from deploying officers
CBRNE packages to meet your agencies needs (SCBA refill tanks and various CBRNE monitors)
  • Satisfies grant requirements for CBRNE and SCBA; Allows for detection of both radiation and gasses; SCBA allows for refilling of current or new tanks while in theater
Various equipment packages available (Entry ram, breaching kit, shield, ladder, public address system)
  • Comes packaged in truck purchase and placed in custom housings