RDV Crime

Based on our Tested and Recommended RDV Platform, the RDV Crime Scene represents a high quality, affordable Crime Scene Investigation Vehicle. Designed based on a suggestions expressed to us by numerous law enforcement agencies, the RDV Crime Scene is equipped with the specifications which offer a department a state of the art crime scene vehicle at an unmatched price. With our custom fabrication ability, we can build the RDV Crime Scene to suite your department’s vehicle parameters. Multiple sizes and layouts are available.

Designed from our Tested and Recommended RDV
  • Takes a proven design which allows us to keep the overall cost down
Designed by Crime Scene Investigators
  • Vehicle has a configuration that includes many of the features desired by Crime Scene Investigators
16’ Internal Length
  • Offers a large working environment for officers to work during call-outs
Contains lots of storage cabinets, refrigerator, sink, desk area, filing cabinets, etc
  • Can store fingerprint kits, evidence storage, etc. Allows for a full mobile lab
Roof access and roof mounted standing platform
  • Allows for standing on roof overlooking a crime scene, photography/video platform
Front Corner extendable , high power scene lights
  • Can illuminate a scene; extensions allow for ability to cast light over a large area and to higher level ground/scenes
Tall internal roof height
  • Reduces officer fatigue on long call-outs & scene investigations; increases ability to operate and offers increased room for cabinets; increases storage
Standard Roof Insulation
  • Helps reduce heat during summer and reduce cold in winter
Full Insulation Packages Available
  • Dramatically helps in preserving a comfortable working environment in extreme temperatures during long call-outs
LED Scene Lights on all sides
  • Ability to shed a lot of light on a crime scene; can be used to blind and or distract potential criminals
Based on Ford E-450 or Chevrolet 4500 Cut A Way Chassis
  • Great Chassis warranties; Easy to maintain; Low cost of ownership
Both Gas and Diesel Chassis Available
  • Allows flexibility of department to choose based on their fleet requirements