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TAG Unveils Self-Sufficient Emergency Command Vehicles

Emergency Command and Surveillance Vehicle - The Armored Group

When disaster strikes, effective management of the situation is critical. Many mobile emergency response unit vehicles are not designed to hold up to the strain of the tasks encountered. They often cannot function well under dangerous inclement weather and are not able to allow departments discreet deployment. Defense departments, law enforcement, fire rescue teams, and paramedics need an emergency mobile command center that can deploy quickly provide multipurpose use.
For more than 20 years, our specialty vehicle manufacturing company, The Armored Group, LLC (TAG), has led the industry in providing the highest quality armored rescue vehicles, such as our Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport vehicles (BATT), and a full line of purpose built/mission specific specialty vehicles that includes our (RDV) Rapid Deployment Vehicles and many more variants.  Today we are proud to announce our new line of emergency command vehicles Continue reading