Law Enforcement Community

We Are Proud To Have A Working Relationship With The Law Enforcement Community

The situations that special assignment units of military and law enforcement agencies find themselves in are the highest of high threat situations. In such moments, the vehicles these units are deployed in must offer nothing less than optimum ballistic protection. We know this at TAG because we’ve been a valued resource for the military and law enforcement for over two decades. Nothing says more about our vehicles than the way these first responders feel about our products. After all, they know better than anyone that in situations where lives are at stake “good” simply isn’t good enough.

As a provider of Armored SWAT, rapid deployment, military and police tactical vehicles, we work every day to provide solutions to clients whose work demands the very best. The types of tactical assignments those in law enforcement undertake are often potentially life threatening. We are committed as a company to creating vehicles that feature advanced designs and superior engineering. By doing so, we can keep these brave first responders safe as they go about protecting the rest of us.

The safety of law enforcement and military responders leaves absolutely no room for failure from the armored vehicles these agencies employ. Our vehicles offer the industry’s highest ballistics protection, and include:

  • BATT
  • BATT S NIJ III Edition
  • BATT AP Edition
  • SUVs, Trucks & Sedans
  • Prisoner Transport
  • EOD
  • Command Centers
  • Many more

We know that the safety of your responders is the difference between a successful mission and a failed one. The technological and design elements of our vehicles leave nothing to chance. This fact has not gone unnoticed by those in law enforcement who are charged with promoting and improving officer safety.

We salute the law enforcement entities that rely on our armored vehicles. We are committed to the continued evolution of our technological and design process, and will continue to approach our work with the expressed goal of providing them with the highest possible level of protection.