The Client Comes First

Educating Ourselves As To Our Clients And Their Needs Is Vital To What We Do

Our clients in law enforcement and the military know firsthand the types of vehicles we design. They also know that we take the time to listen because, despite the similarities in terms of the volatile situations their responders find themselves in, the needs of each client are unique. Newer clients and those considering using us for the creation of their BATT vehicles should know that listening and learning plays a big part in what we do. We take the time to learn about your business, its operational procedures and your security needs. By doing so in the comprehensive way we do, we can truly take your unique needs to heart and apply them to the design process.

We will take your very unique security needs into full consideration when building our Ballistic Armored Transport Vehicle for you. Our BATT vehicles are the most tactically advantageous armored rescue vehicles available to keep operators safe on the front line. State-of-the-art technological and design elements are front and center in each and every one of our vehicles, which include:

  • BATT
  • BATT S NIJ III Edition
  • BATT S AP Edition
  • SUVs, Trucks & Sedans
  • Prisoner Transport
  • EOD
  • Command Centers
  • Many more

Our BATT vehicles offer optimum protection from both bullets and blasts, keeping the occupants inside safe in critical situations. From the beginning of each client partnership we engage in, our goal is to become experts on your operational procedures as well as what your vehicle security needs entail. We are GSA approved and have built for the U.S. Army, The United Nations, foreign governments, and many multinational companies. Such an impressive client list speaks to the quality of vehicles we provide, as well as our commitment to the continuous upgrading and evolution of our technology and design processes.

The bottom line for any military or law enforcement agency is to secure unrivaled and even unprecedented levels of protection from their armored vehicles. Our goal is to exceed your expectations at every turn, and it begins with the power of listening and our all-important initial discussions. Let’s speak about your armored vehicle vision in detail, and begin the process of bringing those vehicles to life and meeting your security needs.